Welcome to YD Co-Lab

Building the future of South Africa - Together!

About Us

The Youth Development Collaboration Lab (YD Co-Lab) is a collaborative network of organisations and individuals working to advance youth development and empowerment in South Africa. 

We are a collective of youth development enthusiasts, ecosystem actors, organisations and individuals committed to advancing a more effective system's response to advance the youth development agenda. 

Why You Should Join Us

Our network consists of statutory and government services, non-government agencies/service providers, community-based initiatives and youth-focused investors and funders, all connected to assist South African youth. Collaboration is the solution to the lack of funds, resources, experience, talent, time and skills. By working together, our possibilities exponentially increase.

By bringing organisations & individuals together to collaborate on a common goal of bettering the skills, knowledge and opportunities of South African youth; we can ensure that the future of the nation will be in better hands.

Current Members